Monday, May 31, 2010

MayNoWriMo Monday

So for the month of May I'm participating in a Writing Challenge here

It takes about a month to develop a new habit. My goal for the month of May is to write every day. To make that measurable for the Writing Challenge I am listing my goal as a minimum of one page (which for me works out to be about 250 words) per day. Now, I know it sounds like a small goal, but I am also participating in Coyote Con during May. If I'm able to meet my goal, I will have written approximately 7750 words on the story I'm working on.

  • 5/24 = 643 words, two and a quarter pages
  • 5/25 = 560 words, one and three-quarters pages
  • 5/26 = 0 words on the story -- I think I jinxed myself last week by complaining about not being able to write on Thursdays, LOL -- but I did write about a page of notes for when I start revisions. That's something right?
  • 5/27 = 849 words, three pages
  • 5/28 = 494 words, one and three-quarters pages
  • 5/29 = 1082 words, three and a half pages
  • 5/30 = 598 words, two pages

Today's linkage: Gail Carriger

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