Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kidlet Update

The boys had a field day at school last week. Cam and Alex's were spread throughout the day so I didn't try to go. Ian's was almost as soon as I dropped him off, so Robbie and I stuck around to watch.

After Ian had gone in to class, before the field day started, Robbie and I went into the office to sign-in. Due to liabilities, the school has had to change policy and we weren't able to go onto the field, so Robbie and I watched from the fence.

Ian in race on a hippity hop ball. Man, I remember having these as kids. We used to have so much fun on them. Not sure why we never bought one for the boys -- bad Mom, LOL.

Cam and Alex's progress reports came home earlier this week...both are strong A-B students.

Way to go boys!

Our new business venture. *snort*

One of the advantages of Mark's job is the surplus that he often comes home with. This time...deli meats!

Cam, our carnivore, bowing to the meat, LOL

I tried to get all the boys to do it for the photo but only Ian joined Cam in the meat worship.

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