Thursday, April 22, 2010

A true parent moment...

So yesterday, Cam and Alex brought home their second trimester report cards -- all good -- and letters for A-B Honor Roll -- excellent!

We're so proud of you both! Keep up the good work.

In the same breath, Alex shows us a citation from the assistant principal at school because he'd been reported (along with two other boys) for bullying another boy at the bus stop. On the heels of that news, we learn he'd received a citation on Monday for not following directions during recess (which he failed to show us). The school has a three strikes you're out policy...lovely, two in one week and a full trimester of school left to go!

Yep, that's thinking Alex.

I'm not real worried about the one from recess -- neither is his teacher -- it's classic Alex. The bullying one bothers me a lot...I knew I'd be spending time in the principal's office with that kid!! (The victim stopped by the house this morning to walk to the bus stop so obviously no hard feelings on his part.) Phone call to assistant principal went better than I expected and we don't need to have a formal meeting. Alex needs to write up a heart-felt apology and turn it in tomorrow.

Today was the assembly for the Honor Roll.

(Yep, hair cuts are on the list of things to do. Only my kids would go to school looking like they'd stuck a finger in a light socket on a day they're receiving an award.)

Despite the close quarters I actually enjoyed this assembly because I was able to get closer to the kids. The school is in the middle of some big star lab so the multi-purpose room they usually use for assemblies wasn't available. Back-up plan -- use the courtyard. Great plan, except today has been a rather rainy day, LOL. So, the back-up, back-up plan involved using the fifth grade pod.

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