Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little Misc. Stuff

Ian came home with his report card on Friday -- all good -- just needs to work on his penmanship, which we knew. Three for three! Way to go boys.

We've been doing all the prep work for Cam to move to middle school in the fall. Where the heck does the time go?

We had a parent night at the school last week. This school is huge! I guess six elementary schools all come together in this one middle school so they are expecting over 600 six-graders. The school has the process down to an art form, I will say that. The six-graders have one huge 'U' shaped hall where the main classes, student lockers, etc. are. To keep the kids from getting trampled, it's a one way -- complete with signs, LOL. The students are only allowed to access their lockers before school, lunch break, and after school. The only time they leave that area is for lunch and their elective. Not a big selection of electives, basically a choice between band, choir, and something they call 'explorations' which can be anything from art to Spanish. Cam's hoping for explorations.

They also have a huge selection of after school clubs and Cam has already indicated interest in about four of them. He can't sign up for any of them until after school starts, usually around the second week of school.

Saturday, I took the kids to Krispy Kremes for donuts and hot chocolate that we took to the park. We ate, they played, I worked on a story I'm trying to write, and we stayed out of Mark's hair for four hours (the working from home thing isn't all he thought it'd be). Then I took the boys for the long overdue hair cuts...and Cam got pissy on me. Yep, you're welcome, son, I treat you to donuts, hot chocolate, and the park but that's the thanks I get. *eyeroll*

Once again, I am trying the writing thing (see links in the sidebar) in May. I'll be sitting in on the virtual conference of Coyote Con. I'm attempting to get into the habit of writing a bit every day with the MayNoWriMo Yahoo Group by setting a measurable goal of one page per day (approximately 250 words per day).


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I'm going to be at Coyote Con too. Maybe we'll see each other. :grin:

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