Monday, January 25, 2010

"Lang may yir lum reek wi ither fowk's coal."

Happy Robbie Burns Day --
For fun, here is my Great Aunt Gina's Haggis recipe:

6 Haggis (serves 200, I think she used to feed the Highland Games, LOL)

3 pounds liver
2 large beef hearts
3 pounds boiling beef (may be stewing beef)
2 pounds suet
5 packets fine oatmeal
2 pounds cooking onions

Cook meat (believe you need to cover the meat with water and boil in a stock pot) till tender add cut up onions one hour before meat is finished. Put meat through a meat chopper. Strain stock that it was cooked in. Mixed chopped meat, oatmeal, suet, sage, salt and pepper to taste. Moisten with stock till mixture holds together but not soggy. Place in stomachs (personally, I'd use sausage casings!) and boil for 3 hours. Be sure to prick with fork before cooking.

Or you can try one of these versions:

Traditional Haggis

Alton Brown's Haggis


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