Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guinea Pig Loving

The older two boys had spent the night at a friend's house, which left the other two and me with a lazy Saturday morning, and lots of Guinea Pig loving time.

Awww...memories of Shmoo. Ian managed to catch this picture of Cal snuggling up under my hair, just like my sister's Guinea Pig used to do back when we were kids. Both Cal and Bear love to do this, though neither has fallen asleep yet like Shmoo was inclined to do, LOL.


marilyn said...

Those are wonderful pictures. I think Alex's gift is a gift for the whole family and all the kids (and maybe Mom & Dad) will benifit from the presence of these 2 cuddly creatures.

They do bring back fond memories of Schmoo.



Mom & Dad

Sherri said...

Debbie and I looked it up...the spelling is actually Shmoo.