Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Now, I'm thinking I'm a bit of an odd duck in that I rarely search for books by genre online. When I'm looking for books online it is generally by author -- one I'm already familiar with -- or based on the recommendation of an author, book title, or series name. When I'm in a brick-n-mortar store I gravitate to the romance section, true, but not online. Not sure about the whys of that, LOL

An author (dare I say blogging friend) with aspirations of being published, Kait Nolan, noted something in a recent post. As I've been privileged to read an early draft of her work (and will be first in line when her dream of publication becomes a reality), I want to support her in her mission...campaign. You can read Kait's blog post for yourself but basically, she notes that Amazon does not break down the Paranormal Romance Genre as well as it should be and sites Barnes & Noble's categories.

Also, as an Amazon Associate, I want to make things easier for people who use my links. So I'm asking for your support in writing to Amazon and encouraging them to update their genre categories along with the sub-categories.

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