Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amazon vs. Macmillan

Crap...the things I wake up to!

Because you all can read and these links say it better than I could.

Amazon Pulls Macmillan Books

Oh Bad Call Amazon

Tangled Web Amazon vs. Macmillan

A Quick Note on E-book Pricing

Who's the Bully Here?

Not sure where I stand right now. As a reader, Macmillan is the publisher of a lot of authors I like and read. Sure I can buy Macmillan books elsewhere, obviously will have to, at least in the short term. As an Amazon Associate, this could cut into what little money I make from Amazon. However, I'm more concerned with the authors. I've had the honor and privilege of getting to know quite a few in and around blog-land, some I even consider friends.

While I think Amazon has the right to say, "No, we're not going to raise the price of e-books and if you don't like it you can take a hike," to Macmillan. I disagree with them removing the print books too. It's a boycott mentality -- it'll probably work, bring Macmillan to heel -- but authors who signed with Macmillan likely weren't given a say in this. In the end they are the ones who will be hurt.

So while I applaud Amazon for taking a stand I don't like this.

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