Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Visit Part One

Mom and Dad arrived on Friday (Nov. 20th) for their Thanksgiving visit. We gave them a drive through tour of the Strip over the weekend but otherwise spent the time catching up.

On Monday (the 23rd), we took Mom and Dad down to the Bellagio to see the atrium and fountains.

The atrium is decorated for the seasons so was an autumn and harvest theme for Thanksgiving.

A scale model of the Bellagio. Just what Dad needs to complete his train layout, LOL

According to the signage...the world's largest chocolate (white, dark, and milk) fountain. Can you say YUMMY?!

The fountains are set to the music of Andrea Bocelli which was a special treat for Dad.

Then we drove down to the Venetian and walked through to the Palazzo. We've decided Dad can man one of the gondolas if he ever decides to move here, LOL!

A performance in "St. Mark's" Square.

St. Mark's Square.

Proof Humpty Dumpty was pushed!!

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