Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Review -- Touch of Fire

Back during LB & LI I won Touch of Fire from Maria Zannini. Genre is Romance (man-woman) with a sub-genre of fantasy. (Published April 2009 by Samhain Publishing -- 264 pages)

Between mage and man lies fire.

Leda has been ordered by the House of Ilia to use her fae gifts to find an alchemist's bible, no matter what the cost. In a world where technology has been replaced by Elemental magic, this book is more dangerous than any spell or potion.

A ragged scrap of parchment is Leda's only clue and it leads her to the last man known to have had the book -- a savagely handsome ex-soldier turned scavenger. Greyhawke Tams. He'll serve her needs nicely, in both her quest, and her bed.

The last thing Grey remembers is a bar brawl leaving him flat on his face. When he awakes, his situation hasn't improved. He's been bound in service to a contemptuous little fire mage with luscious curves and a deceptively innocent face. Grey's not fooled -- he's hated the Elementals ever since he lost his younger brother to their brutal rites of passage.

But something about Leda tangles his brain faster than any woman he's ever known. And soon it becomes clear she needs more than his 'services.' A barbarous overlord wants that book and he's willing to shatter Leda -- body and spirit -- to get it.

She needs his protection. Whether she wants it or not.

This book is Zannini's debut novel and she hit it out of the park. Even Mark, my non book reading hubby, liked it!

The world is unique and fully developed. I loved the references to the pre-apocalyptic world. Zannini wove a fascinating plot full of suspense and I was pulled into the story from the first sentence.

Leda is both sardonic and feisty. Her eventual partner, Greyhawk Tams is equally strong minded. One of the joys of the book is watching their relationship develop. The tension between these two characters is simply captivating.

This book ends with a hook that demands a sequel and Zannini can't write it fast enough. (No pressure or anything Maria, LOL)

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Maria Zannini said...

Oh, Lordy. I'm writing as fast as I can.

Thanks, Sherri!