Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alex's Birthday

Alex was after us all week to celebrate his birthday, LOL, can't tell at all from his grin!

Opening gifts.

Grandma and Nana were channeling each other! They both bought the same card. (Actually, this happened on Cam's birthday too, LOL)

Blowing out his candles on the cake. (Cake was a disaster for Mom! Couldn't get it out of the pans, then didn't have enough frosting, bah! -- at least it tasted great!)

These boys are growing up too fast, LOL. Hope you had a good birthday little man!


Charlene said...

What can I say - Marilyn & I have excellent taste! That's too funny that we did it twice.
For Ian's & Robbie's upcoming birthdays I will stay away from big name brands.
Happy Birthday Mr Alex. Hope you are picking out something cool for your present.
Love you

marilyn said...

...and Great Minds think alike!!!

Hope you had a GREAT birthday, Alex.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon.