Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sand Box

Well, the backyard project is coming right along. (I likely won't get my winter garden in but Mark is working on the boxes so I should have things ready for January/February and my spring garden planting.) As you can see, the sand is in the sand box for the boys' play area and we've got the trees we ordered planted along with a few of the smaller plants. Once Mark is done doing whatever he's going to do with all that rock from the earlier post I'll take photos of the finished project. Oh, and we picked up a BBQ so we're ready for that backyard party now, LOL.

So the boys now officially have an approximately 16' by 16' sand box.

Ian made a sand angel to set the play in motion.

When the older boys are away, Robbie will play!


Dad/Grandpa said...

Okay, that's great. But where are we going to put the friggin' train?
We're going to need some mega trestles and tunnels!
And were those divots caused by Mark practicing with his sand wedge?

Love, Dad/Grandpa

Sherri said...

You're a riot Dad!

Too much wind and heat for a good train layout down here.