Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Halloween...

Thursday was the Halloween parade and parties for the boys at school. Robbie even dressed up since I'm such a "Ba Humbug" kinda gal where Halloween is concerned.

Ian's tracker was a hit. Everyone commented on it.

Robbie was able to walk the parade with Ian.

Robbie as the lion was also a big hit.

Cam as whatever this is, LOL, the eye light up which was the selling point for Cam.

I don't know how I missed seeing Alex out on the parade route. I did go back to his class for the after parade party, however, to which we took cupcakes in celebration of his birthday next week. He's dressed as one of the idea which though, LOL.

All four boys!

Friday, there was no school in celebration of Nevada Day, so we carved a pumpkin.

This was the spread of food we had (instead of Trick-or-Treating) as a little Halloween party, my friend Virginia and her two kiddos joined us. Love being able to say's hard to make friends in this town.

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