Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cam-Man Turned 11

Which according to him, means he's officially a PRE-teen. Ack!

Just a quiet celebration Monday night while Julie was here. He asked for a chocolate cake with strawberry filling. A very rich choice.
Because the 'party' happened BEFORE his actual birthday most of the out of town gifts/cards hadn't arrived. So his birthday kinda ran all week. Here he's opening Aunt Julie's card and gift certificate. The wrapped gifts were from us and the Watson grandparents. On Tuesday, Cam got a birthday card from the Watson grandparents. On Wednesday, his actual birthday, he got the cards from us. And on Thursday, he received a card and money from the Meyer grandparents.
Here the men folk are checking out the chess set Cam got from his grandparents. Grandpa be prepared to play/teach when you are here next month, LOL

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