Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BFF's Visit

Just had the most awesome visit with my BFF: talking, visiting The Strip, shopping, watching LOTS of movies, drinking more wine than advisable (twice LOL), and wishing the visit could last longer!

Jewels arrived late Wednesday night, so it was a swing through MickyD's for food and home to bed.


Jewels got to sleep in but the morning was business as usual for me. Once Julie was up we had lunch, Robbie was completely bashful and shy around Julie even though he'd spent the last week all excited about her coming. He'd warmed up to her by the time I got back from taking Ian to school, though.

For the most part a quiet day for us. That night I got her hooked on a new TV series, LOL, Flash Forward. We watched Fringe while waiting for Jay Leno with Gerard Butler.


Mark was home from Reno, so he took over the kid duties.

We watched A Wrinkle in Timewhich I had rented from Netflix. The movie is based on a book both Julie and I love from our girlhood. We both thought the movie followed the book well and enjoyed the movie immensely.

We actually went out to the theater for this one! When I can forget WHO an actor is makes a movie for me. The actors in The Ugly Truthdid just that. Julie and I were laughing all the way through. Which just goes to show I will never be a movie critic, LOL, I never agree with them.

We came home, opened wine, and watched I'll Be There.Another laugh a minute movie.

We wanted to stay up for the Craig Ferguson show with Gerard Butler. It's the Scottish accent, really! (I actually love Ferguson's show, just wish it was on earlier.)

Then we watched One More Kisswhich was a bit depressing after the comedy we'd been watching all night but a very good movie.


After Mark scolded me for the two empty bottles of wine, LOL...

We left Mark home with the kiddos, hit Blockbuster (I'd forgotten Monday was a holiday with no mail service so my Netflix plan failed), and did a bit of shopping.

When we got home we watched Duplicitywhich wasn't what we expected but good just the same.

We also watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.Think A Christmas Carolwhere Scrooge is a 'love 'em and leave 'em' playboy. Cute movie with some laughs.


We visited The Strip and saw some local sights. And unbelievably, I -- paparazzi that I am -- forgot my camera. (So just for Jewels co-workers -- YES SHE WAS THERE! And if we have time on the way to the airport Tuesday we will get a picture of her in front of the Las Vegas sign, LOL)

Once back home we watched The Phantom of the Opera.Okay, I'm extremely bias here, but this story (yes, I've even read the book) has been my favorite since I caught the Lon Chaney, 1925version on late night TV back in my Junior or High School days. LOVE it...if I was rolling in money I'd be watching the show down at the Venetian at least once a month!

And this turned into another wine and movie night as we watched Made of Honorand Extreme Measures.Let me just say Netflix's instant movie feature is wonderful.


Yes, Mark gave me another bad time upon waking to another two empty bottles of wine. I think this was the first Columbus Day I've ever heard of SCHOOL being in session. So the three oldest had school. Julie and I watched more movies, LOL, yes it was a theme for this visit.

Robbie twisted our arms and we watched Phantom again...should have gone to see the show on The Strip but didn't think it through well enough to pull it off.

We also watched The Lake Housewhich both Julie and I had seen bits of but never the whole thing.

We had a little birthday celebration for Cam (which will be in a separate post) since Julie was here.

After the boys were in bed we watched one last movie, Saving Grace.


Sadly, this was a get the kids off to school and get Julie ready to head off to the airport morning. Blah.

As promised...Julie and I in front of the Las Vegas sign!

Miss you already Jewels!


marilyn said...

I'm glad Julie was able to visit and that you seemed to have such a good time together. It was nice that Mark was able to look after the kids for a couple of the days. You must be "movied" out after watching so many.

Dad & I were also surprised to find that schools were in session on Monday.

Our love to all of you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Lynn Boyle said...

I'm glad you had some BFF time with Julie and it sounds like you made it worth every minute:)