Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Artists

Friday, the PTA at the boys' school hosted "Pastries with Parents" where we all crowded into the lunch room for breakfast. What a laugh. The school has to stagger lunches because of the number of students and here they invite the parents to come for breakfast (along with siblings) -- can you say sardines?

Anyhow, I went with Cam and Alex (Mark didn't have to work till later so stayed home with the younger boys). The kids all made artwork for this event. I think they are done with colored pencils -- maybe pastels or chalk -- whatever the medium, Cam's has a watercolor feel to it. The artwork is matted on black card stock with a nice inch border and I'm so going to hang these up in the den as soon as I can find some nice black frames for them!

Good job boys! We're proud of you.

I'm calling this "Cafe" by Cam.

I'm calling this "Sundae" by Alex.


marilyn said...

Those are GREAT pictures!!!

They certainly deserve to be framed.

(Consider "Sundae" for Alex's).

Your boys are definitely showing artistic abilities.

We're proud of you, Cam & Alex.
Keep up the good work.

Love Grandpa & Grandma

Em said...

Cam can draw us anything anytime!!!

Charlene said...

Look what I just found on the blog - original artwork from our 2 oldest grandsons. Fantastic creations. That sundae makes me want to run up to Baskin-Robbins.
Wonderful work boys. Artwork is a great pasttime & a wonderful way to express yourself through your imagination.
Hope to see you soon.
Love you
Nana & Papa

Sherri said...



LOL Aw-well, those things happen when a kid is hanging on your arm asking for lunch.