Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gratitude Project

I found this website on the 2 Peas Forum and thought it sounded like something I needed to do for myself this year.

This will actually be my second photo...I'm calling it Shadows. I know, I know not terribly original but I love it.

It's Robbie and I holding hands as we walked home from the park. A bulky jacket does not make a good shadow LOL I look like a line backer.

This photo speaks to me on a couple levels. 1) Robbie is still young enough to want to hold hands with me which is huge to me right now as he's my last baby. Of course, moments after I shoot this he was off -- "I walk by my own Mom." 2) I fell into a bit of a shadowy area emotionally near the end of 2008. This photo offers up the promise that all shadows aren't sad or bad.

My first photo will be the one from my Shimidedes post...I'm calling it New Growth. It may be a bit cliche "New Year = New Growth" and all but I need to pull myself out of that shadowy area. It's time to refocus on the good things.

I plan to make a special album for this project and will post that as it develops.

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