Sunday, January 11, 2009


Because a post looks funny without a photo and I'm thrilled my Christmas Cactus is blooming closer to Christmas this year than it did last year!

We woke up to an oldies show on the radio this morning. Someone had sent in a request for Glen Campbell. That set Mark to reminiscing about his brother singing A Rhinestone Cowboy into a hairbrush while dancing around the house. I, of course, thought “yay” some dirt on said brother-in-law. Mark was quick to remind me that my brother-in-law would likely obtain revenge if I used the information. I’m posting so obviously didn’t take that too seriously!

It got me reminiscing about my own childhood performances. Back in the day of records, my sister and I used to act out Mary one point we knew all the words to all the songs...A Spoon Full of Sugar anyone?

But what it really brought back were fond memories of the Shimidedes. I see my sister and some cousins cringing now or laughing their butts off.

For many years our family would get together with that of one of my Dad’s sisters’ for Christmas. We alternated years so that some were at our house and some were at the Crocker’s. Grandpa and Nana were with us most years and traveled wherever the celebration took place. There were five of us cousins: Michelle, the eldest; Dean and I, just months apart in age; Debbie, a couple years younger; and Toby, the baby of the group.

I can’t remember what started the whole thing but one year we kids decided to put on a show for the adults and lip synced ourselves to our own piece of fame -- or infamy. Each and every time we got together we came up with a show to perform. The adults loved that we kept ourselves busy and out of their hair. We, simply, had a blast.

Somewhere, Uncle Keith has incriminating documentation. I’m sure it will surface at a most inopportune time. I’m not quite brave enough to say bring it on.

Michelle, Dean, and Toby all have a wicked sense of humor and with Uncle Keith as a father it doesn’t really surprise me. One of them could tell stories around me about those days.

For many years our family owned a 1977 Plymouth Voyager van, we lovingly named Rusty, and it was perfect for the Shimidedes!

We would run to it, hunched over to avoid our adoring fans. We would then sit inside it bouncing along just to leave it much the way we entered to make a dash for the concert venue.

I suspect there were many a neighbor wondering at the five children running to and fro as if swarmed by bees!

The name of our group had a few incarnations until one day we discovered someone was really using one of them! Imagine our dismay. We had to come up with something that was uniquely us. Aunt Ruth came up with the Shimidedes: “Shi” from my name, “Mi” from Michelle, “De” Dean, and “De” from Debbie. Poor Toby was reduced to a manager or roadie or something!

Our grand finale was a production of A Christmas Carol...complete with glow-in-dark Frisbee for the face of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

So Don, I’ve got you beat five hairbrushes to one!

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marilyn said...

Love It!!!

Yes - it does bring back fond memories of some very happy times spent with special family members.

These are things to remember and to share with your own children about your childhood.

Viva La Memories!!

Mom & Dad