Friday, January 30, 2009

Court Update

The justice system is interesting. The entire time I was sitting in court this week I was thinking about how it's more than just a civic right or duty. It's a humanity thing. Caring enough for your fellow man to see that justice is carried out.

I think everyone should serve on a jury at least once and maybe someday I'll actually get to do that. I've been called up three times.

  • The first time, I got out of it for financial hardship reasons. I was working in a job that paid hourly and the loss of that income would have been a hardship. I'm not even sure if that is an option anymore.
  • The second time, I was nursing and postponed for a year but they never did get back to me.
  • The third time, I had just moved out of the county therefore was ineligible. I was very disappointed, too, because I could have actually done that one!
I wish every child had the opportunity to sit in on court to observe. Should be a school requirement! Not just for college age students studying law, etc.

The courthouse I went to didn't allow children. I'm sure that's standard these days along with the airport type security. I'm guessing the signage was to prevent people from bringing potentially disruptive children.

I hope exceptions would be made for a school observation project.

While I had to go, I didn't end up having to testify. The charming defendant was in court for two different domestic violence charges. The first was much more serious than the one I had been called in for. The deal struck in the first case required he pleaded guilty in the secondary case.

The entire experience taught me that I'm not as observant as I think I should be and I'm going to strive to do better at that. It reminded me of how slow the wheels of justice can move and that if I ever give a statement to the police again I'll immediately write down my observations and statement for my own memory. Next time it may be vital.

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Lynn Boyle said...

I think you are right as well(i think kids should observe some cases and see how the justice system works). now a days people can call you snoopy if your observant but i too think it is vital to be aware of your surroundings and to stand up when something is not right so to say. sorry you had to go through it at the same time i am glad you did as well even if that doesn't make sense. miss you as always...