Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I think Alex has rubbed off on Robbie as he has become quite the puzzle guy lately. We've got 2 or 3 large floor puzzles that he just loves to put together. He usually talks someone into taking a picture of the finished puzzle. The other night he managed to get both Cam and Alex to take pictures LOL This Thomas puzzle is his current favorite.

The completed puzzle. Photo credit: Cam

The artist. Photo credit: Alex


marilyn said...

I'm glad to see Robbie enjoying puzzles as much as Alex seems to enjoy them.

And it appears that Cam & Alex are getting some use out of their cameras. It must feel good for them to be able to just go ahead & take pictures with their own cameras.

Good job on all fronts!


Lynn said...

What a great puzzle. I find when kids love to do puzzles they become pretty creative and smart. Some teachers have stated that also. Robbie did an awesome job.

Cam and Alex did a great job in the photography department. I think you've been given them pointers.

Loved all your baked goods from the other day! I just love when I get the bug for baking. The house just smells so good.