Friday, April 11, 2008

Still here...

Still dealing with the sprained elbow. I've got more range of motion and a huge, nasty looking bruise on the inside of my elbow but I'm not able to twist it at all. Makes getting dressed interesting LOL to say the least. My left arm gets tired easily because it's not used to being used as much as it has been. I've yet to get a decent night's sleep since this happened and am bummed I won't be able to scrapbook at church tomorrow...I may try to go over to at least meet the group. I hope it's a monthly event and I'll be able to go next time.

On the really frustrating side...Cam is grounded for next 5 weeks. It started as a 2 week punishment for attitude and what he drew/wrote in church. Breaking the rules of said grounding and even more attitude has added the other weeks. Then Alex started in with the attitude thing on Monday and earned a week. Today, Alex racked up another week for climbing on the fence. So Papa...I hope you didn't have plans while you're here for the boys! GRRRRRRRRRRR


Juliana said...

I've arrived to your blog via the 2peas thread - you have a nice blog!

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your injury, and the difficulty with the grounding.

Hope that you get a nice visit with your fellow scrappers even if you can't scrap!

Lynn Boyle said...

just got back on here.. HAPPY B-DAY. i am sorry you got hurt:( hope you went to the DR. I hope Mark made up for it, don't feel bad i didnt do anything for my b-day and i didnt have an excuse except that it was probably raining and i was too focused on tanner's b-day, thanks giving and getting the xmas tree as every year. miss you lots your stuff is here and i will send it on monday.. happy b-day LOL.
sorry the boys are grounded it may be more punishment for you....
wish i was there to help. dax still working god i miss him makes you appreciate one another when were apart. 60 years from now we will share our secret to a good marriage leave apart at times. LOL. call me soon. miss you. lynn