Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We've got a logo...wahoo! We should have business cards by the end of the week and a banner for the store shortly there after. It feels really good to have these things coming together. We made our first Jill's mom LOL

We've got our first workshop this Saturday. Jill will be teaching it and I'll be promoting the store.

I try to spend about 4 hours each day focused on the business...right now my main goal is to get the products loaded. Jill is focusing on all the pieces we need to get in place to buy wholesale. We're both trying to design new goodies for the store. I'm hoping to purchase a new product...premiering at CKC in Portland in just a few weeks...for the store within the next couple days.

We went to PMA/Memory Trends over the weekend. We found one new product from a company out of Vancouver Canada that I really want to get for the store. Jill and I want to focus on "being green" with our kits...buying scraps and opened embellishments to re-purpose in the kits. While at Memory Trends we found one manufacturer that we should be able to work with toward that end. Exciting stuff.

I'll be doing sneak peeks on the Scrapafrass blog stay toned!

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Patter Cross said...

Love the logo! Best wishes to you in this venture!