Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Stuff...

I came across Robbie sleeping on Alex the other morning before lunch...just too stinking cute.

Love these blue eyes! Ian was snuggling up on the sofa watching TV.

The latest accident victim in our house! This morning one of the older boys pulled out my tool box...not sure why...and didn't put it away. Robbie decided to pull things out of the tool box. Normally not a huge deal, today however, he managed to cut his pinkie finger on the box knife/Xacto blade in there. I think he must have been trying to pull it out and slipped the guard off thus cutting himself.

It was deep enough to require stitches. So after over 3 hours at the ER, because the Urgent Care wouldn't work on him due to his age, we got home and Robbie is sporting 5 new stitches in his pinkie. The wrapping looks worse than the injury actually is but at least he not messing with it.

Life with boys...well they've all had stitches now except Ian and I think his burn trumps stitches.

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