Friday, November 2, 2007

Lots of catching up

Thursday, October 25th
The boys' school had a Fall Harvest Festival...somehow Cam roped me into manning one of the 3rd grade booths. When I agreed to it, I understood that Cam was suppose to man the booth WITH me...yeah that lasted about a minute LOL. Cam and Alex, decked out as the Scream and Hercules ditched me and the Fish Races booth to check out the festival with their assorted friends. They did come back to the booth to check in with me every once in awhile...I'll give them that, though Alex was usually after money LOL.

Once I'd served my time...I rounded up the boys and we picked up Mark and the two younger ones to go out to Mark's office for the Halloween celebration there. We got to see Mark's cubical...brave man displaying all that Ram stuff LOL The boys got to go around to the different departments and "Trick or Treat" and everyone came home with candy.

(As you can see by the photo at Mark's office, Alex changed from Hercules to Fireman.)

Friday, October 26th

The computer crashed.

Saturday and Sunday the older boys complained about how much we were ruining their lives by not "doing" Halloween this year. The younger boys had a blast with all the costumes...Robbie especially liked this horse one.

Monday, October 29th

The computer was worse than we thought...required a completely new hard drive. Luckily they thought they could save all our data. A very good thing as I had about 3 months of non backed up photos on there... The computer would be gone till Wednesday or Thursday while the techs restored our data to the new drive, etc.

Tuesday, October 30th
The boys really whined about not going Trick or Treating and that we planned on being dark for Halloween. We just don't know enough people in the neighborhood for us to be comfortable with the whole Halloween scene. (I did give in a bit...we decorated inside the house.) "But we can go around with Ryan and he can introduce us" was Cam's theme song...course Ryan wasn't even going to be here as he spends Halloween with his father. Yeap...great argument there Cam-man.

Wednesday, October 31st...Halloween

The school went all out for Halloween...when was the last time you heard of a public school going all out for any holiday? PC anyone... Anyway, the school set up a parade, the kids got to wear costumes and have a party in their individual classes. Alex was Spiderman for this little event...Cam was still the Scream.

At home however, the boys complained so much (not even cards from Nana & Papa cheered them up) they messed up a pizza dinner followed by a movie night. We got another of Cam's famous "Camisms"

"You are ruining your children's lives and children are the future of the earth!"

Said with such drama he collapsed to the floor in a fit of what turned out to be laughter as Mark asked for his notebook. Mark has started a notebook for Camisms and it has such gems as:

"Just because you went to college doesn't mean your smarter than me."
"Why am I responsible for what I'm not responsible for."
"Taking baths is bad for your health."

Never a dull moment. Anyway...Halloween around here turned out to be a quiet affair. Very few Trick or Treaters out and it was a beautiful evening. I'm guessing in a large city the neighborhood Halloween isn't very popular that most go to the parties and such. Such a huge difference to St. Helens where it felt like bus loads of kids were dropped off at one end of the development and picked up at the other.

Thursday, November 1st
The computer is back...running better than it had been in quite awhile. We lost a few programs...most of which is not a loss. I had to do some updating as they just reinstalled the operating disks that came with the computer. You never realize how much you depend on something till it's gone and this was only for a week LOL It appears that all our data was saved...this situation just encourages me to go through all the files and delete what can be and back up what needs to be. I guess I have my work laid out for the next few months LOL

Bigger's been 10 years. Wow! There are days where I can't believe it's been that long and others where I can't believe it's only been that long. Who would have though a blind date could turn out so well. Just a quiet night at home and a bottle of wine and four boys running around LOL I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, November 2nd

The boys are home from school and out playing with friends. Mark's watching a rerun of MASH and I've caught up the blog...a good day in Vegas

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