Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sunday afternoon as Mark was getting ready to head out he noticed a neighbor's cat "hunting" something. Well he checked it out to find this...

He of course called us out to look at the tortoise...and we of course are thinking a desert tortoise is a whole heap better than a rattlesnake cruising down the street. Left him alone after a few pictures and went online to see what info we could find. Desert Tortoises are endangered. The boys and I want to see what we can do to make our backyard a habitat for them...not knowing how often a desert tortoise might show up in the neighborhood.
Turns out our friend here is a neighbor's pet that got out. They're still trying to locate it. Alex thinks he saw it a couple nights ago but didn't have a clear view to be sure. Hope it gets home safe and sound.


Marilyn said...

I can't imagine he's travelling very fast. He's probably hiding under something or is camoflaged among some rocks.

Is your backyard open or fenced? Are there ways to attract such wild creatures? Is it allowed to have them as pets? Can you make your yard a sanctuary but yet they would be free to come and go at will - like the deer that come to visit us?

Anonymous said...

I like the Idea of a rattlesnake santuary. Its good reflex exercise for the kids.

Love Dad