Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Taekwondo part two

Well the boys went to their second Taekwondo lesson Monday. Both seem to be enjoying it though Alex hates waiting for Cam's class to finish. Took my camera this time:

Alex...front punch and kick (missed the kick shot, camera too slow) This week's focus is on power and the instructor actually called Alex back to deminstrate the kick because he had so much power behind it...way to go Alex.
Cam... sparring.
Cam doing the ATA pledge at the end of class...didn't even last out to the car with it.


Marilyn said...

This should be good for the boys, in so many ways.

Hope they are able and willing to stick with it.

When you come home for a visit they will probably want to have a sparring with Jeremy. We'll send the 3 of them outside to duel it out!

Anonymous said...

What do you think we have

Love Dad