Friday, September 14, 2007

More layouts

Dad's Bridge Town Sound concert August of 2002...I need to figure out a way to highlight Dad in the group picture.
I scrapped these two photos because I don't have the wall space to keep them in their frames.

Do you remember this photo Julie? Always loved it...even if it was for your bi-line at the paper. I had forgotten you had written on the back (copied it and saved it on the back of the layout), you said "You're always there for me, always understand. You're the best and my best friend. Happiness & Love forever, Julie" Back at you sweetie...even though I feel like a failure of a friend these days. Love you and miss you! Get your IM up so we can chat again :)

Hidden journaling on this reads: Here you are...meeting your 1st Great-grandchild. What was going through your mind? What would you say about your legacy of 27 Great-grandchildren? (as of the August 2006 Watson Reunion) Sadly, we can’t ask you. You left us in January 1995, just months after your 2nd Great-grandchild was born. This picture from May 1992, when Ryan was just 4 weeks old, is the only picture of you holding a Great-grandchild that I know of. What was going through your mind as you held this next generation? Love you Grandpa and still miss you keenly after 12 years. Journaling: September 8, 2007 (your 97th birthday)


Marilyn said...

This posting brings back some fond memories and some sadness.

I had forgotten that you and the 2 kids had attended that open air show way back then. The chorus certainly has grown since then.

That is a nice picture of Julie. I hope she is getting along OK. Could I get you to send me her address & phone number, please.

Dad/Grandpa - yes, he is missed! We always so looked forward to his visits. What a wonderful man. I'm glad that you have that picture and I'm saddened that none of the grandchildren had a chance to get to know him.

Thank you for those memories today.


Marilyn said...

I see that I goofed - saying grandchildren, not greatgrandchildren. Oh, well...

Lynn said...

Sherri, what a heartwarming post! I love your lo's especially the one with your grandfather and his 1st great-grandchild. It made me think about my grandfather and really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

BTW- I'm tagging you! Visit my blog and see what you need to do. It is very cute and fun.