Monday, October 13, 2008


Yesterday we went to the late service at church for little presentation by the preschoolers. They sang "The Appleseed Prayer," "Clap Your Hands," and "When I Get To Heaven."

It was different going to Sunday school before church LOL

Before Sunday school started all the kids were able to play in the preschool yard. Robbie as is his custom gravitated to the tricycles. He just rides around and around the playground.

Ian usually does a little of everything. Riding the tricycles and playing with the big kids. It's almost as though he hasn't found his niche yet.

Alex and Cam played a bit of football. If you can call three on three football LOL


Lynn Boyle said...

Cute,, i am glad you guys found a church looks like the kids are having fun...

Lynn said...

Great photos of the boys! Sounds like everyone had a great time.
Love that you are still doing Flylady! I haven't even started yet. I'm so bad and I really need to get my butt moving here since Tracy is flying in, in less than 5 weeks! So much to do and so little time. I am, however, helping my sister-in-law with her house for the next few days! That house needs more help than mine! Her house just needs a good "Clean Sweep"! Flylady can't work there yet.