Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catching up...

FRIDAY, July 20:

I really had no intention of giving into the hype with the last Harry Potter book. But as you can see I did. Dropped the younger two off at Grandma & Grandpa's for the night and took the older two off to the St. Helens Book Store event.

The boys got sorted (Cam to Gryffindor and Alex to Ravenclaw), drank Dragon Snot, went through an obstacle course/maze that required knowledge of the 6 books, played Quidditch, and made wands...worth paying full price for the book.

SATURDAY, July 21:

Slept in...hmm can't imagine why LOL...then went down to Grandma & Grandpa's to pick up the lil guys. Ended up going to the "Party in the Park" hosted by their church. Just stayed for an hour or so...plenty of time for the boys to bounce in one of those blown up bounce house things, get their faces painted and get completely sticky from snow cones.

SUNDAY, July 22:

We went to our favorite lil train park. We packed a picnic lunch and rode a couple trains and had a surreal time. Usually, we meet family/friends there and spend a full Sunday afternoon. We've had so many celebrations there (birthdays, Father's Days, etc.) that I've lost count. So it was very strange being just the boys and me. It's also strange to think that it will be our last trip in quite a while. It was a good time just the same.

MONDAY, July 23:

I had planned on taking the boys down to the beach but due to the weather not appearing to be beach worthy we stayed home...it allowed me to finish Harry Potter LOL. Spent a relatively quiet day...such as one can be with 4 boys in the house...and I did most of the laundry.

TUESDAY, July 24:

Today, we went back to the neighborhood to play. Meet up with friends at the local park for a couple hours before heading back to the house for a more relaxing visit. We all got more sun than we thought by the time we got home.

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