Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When it rains it pours

It's been one of those days...very hard to see the bright side of things.

Started out normal, got out of the house on time this morning, roads were clear. I dropped the kids off at the sitter's, got back in the van to go to work...it wouldn't start, sounded like an electrical short.

Why is it that these kinds of things happen at the end of the month when the dollars are tight?

Plus side, the sitter let me use her car (THANKS Kay!) to get to work and take Cam to his Art Academy. When I dropped Cam off afterwards, I was able to start the van and get it into the repair shop, though I would have preferred taking it into the dealer they wouldn't be able to look at it until Monday (not an option with Mark out of town).

Got a ride back to work and finished my day such as it was. Grabbed a CCR ride to the repair shop to pick up car seats and get taken up to the sitter's. Sitter graciously let me take her car home tonight (double THANKS Kay!)...crossing fingers that the van is repaired in the morning and won't cost an arm and leg.

Of course, the ride home was anything but peaceful as 3 of the 4 kids decided to have a yelling contest in the backseat. Shouted at them twice to quiet down, pulled over once. Once home, at least 2 have been fighting over the littlest stuff.

Just had to send Alex to bed for calling me a name...he of course is screaming in there, occasionally quieting to a whine.

Ian's trying to break in to the kitchen cabinets for snack food even though we just finished dinner.

Cam has succeeded in locking the cable up while trying to unlock the parental controls...I'll have to call the cable company to fix that.

And not to be undone, Robbie, is cheerfully painting the kitchen table with leftover ketchup.

Really trying to find the positive...send out into the world what I want to get back...trying really hard.

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