Saturday, June 23, 2007

Leaving his mark

A few weeks before the end of school, Cam was nominated for an art project for the City of St. Helens (funded and supported by St. Helens and an Art Grant of some kind). He was one of 24 kids chosen to complete a 12” tile. He stayed after school a couple days one week to work on his tile.

This morning we got up early (for a Saturday) to go down to Columbia View Park in St. Helens for the installation of the finished tiles. It was a hodge podge of kids and parents, all of whom pitched in to help install the tiles on a retaining wall. Nana (Mark’s Mom) and Grandma (my Mom) were both there in support. Cam has definitely left his mark on the city of St. Helens. We’re very proud of you!



Cam's tile.

A reporter was present so this should be in the local paper this week. I took over 30 pictures of the event and most of them turned out well so choosing what to use for the scrapbook will be hard LOL

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