Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Train Guy

Helping Grandpa lay track for the outdoor railroad.

Our second born…impatiently arrived a week early. Alex is a carbon copy of his father in personality and looks minus the coloring.

He flashes a smile…I see Mark. He stubbornly sets his face…I see Mark as a child. He holds many secrets and I doubt we’ll unlock them all. He loves to imitate his big brother, often to the point of irritating Cam.

Alex loves to snuggle and since he was a baby loves skin to skin contact, especially when tired. He developed a habit of slipping a hand up my sleeve and needed that contact to sleep as a baby. To this day, he loves to give back rubs and scratches.

Alex loves all things train. Cam had started collecting the Thomas trains but had outgrown them by age 4 or so. Alex happily took over the collection and has steadily added to it. His grandpa (my father) has entered his second childhood, having retired a few years ago, and is a fellow train connoisseur. Of all the grandchildren, Alex, has shown the most interest in the trains my father has running in the side yard and living room of his home. (Yes, my parents have trains running around their living room LOL) Dad has taught Alex how to run the trains, watch for derailments, and all manor of train details. If train travel survives, I can see Alex working on the railroad in some way.

I can’t wait to see the person who emerges from this red-haired enigma

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