Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Temperamental Artist

Reason 2…Charles a.k.a Cam

Rounding 3rd on the way home in game 3 of the tournament.

Our first born son…I should have seen it as a sign of things to come after a 23 hour labor all due to the fact that he had a fist tucked up under his chin.

Cam can pick apart any topic and ask questions till he has satisfied his insatiable quest for knowledge (and driven whichever cornered adult crazy). He is a gifted artist unfortunately he also has the stereo typical temperament to accompany it. He’s a lefty just like his father.

Cam can get caught up in make-believe worlds…which is all fine and dandy except when a chore (read between the lines here to see whenever he’s asked to do something he doesn’t want to do) needs to be completed. Except for the volume in which he acts out these worlds, I love the fact that he has a wonderful imagination. In fact, he can keep himself busy for hours and I didn’t hear the dreaded words, “Mom, I’m bored” until he was about 7 years old…I think that’s a darn good run and I think I’ve only heard them once or twice since.

He’s one of those children you really wonder what they will end up doing for a living.

Cam has visions of being the owner of Rocket Burger. He has drawn up menus, designed the logo, planned out the kid’s meal prizes…anyone want to back his venture?

Cam calls himself a cartoonist…he goes through reams of paper (literally) creating his stories and books, written and illustrated. Both his first and second grade teachers have commented on his “voice”.

All this creative talent however can make parenting him difficult. He has a strong opinion and very little will sway him. He’ll pick rules apart until he has a black and white picture. The plus side is that I rarely worry about him surviving in this crazy world we’re leaving our offspring.

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