Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Heartbreaker

Reason 4…Ian
Looking for whales...or contemplating life.

Our Christmas baby…beautiful blue eyes and soft red hair equals future heartbreak for sure LOL

Actually, he’s already a favorite of the girls. The younger siblings of baseball players will run around the bleachers, play in extra sand next to the field and so on while the game is in play…it allows a parent to catch at least a part of the action. Well, at one of Cam’s games the kids were playing around the bleachers in a follow the leader sort of way. One minute it’s all the kids, the next it’s Ian followed by 5 or 6 girls…the other boys had all moved on to other activities a short distance away. Ian played with these little girls for about 20 minutes, even manage to pick up another couple along the way…A vision of things to come I’m sure.

Ian is supper sweet, usually polite but underneath is a mischievous little guy. The wheels are always turning. He started life as a very serious baby but happily he has outgrown that to be a very easy-going three-year-old.

The next item on our “to do list” for Ian is to get him potty-trained…at 3½ and still in Pull-ups, Ian is looking like he’s going to be as stubborn if not more so than Alex was. With preschool starting in a few months the pressure is on.

Poor Mark has to do all the leg work in Las Vegas locating schools and registering the boys. There is only so much I can do online, from afar. Cam and Alex are set so now he needs to focus on Ian. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a church based preschool similar to the ones the older boys attended.

I’ll be interested to see how Ian adjusts to school and the academic aspects. It will good to see him develop friends in his age group rather than always trying to keep up with the big boys.

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