Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving today.

Except for the turkey dinner today is shaping up to be just a regular ol' day. All the boys have colds in one degree or other...Mark and I feel like we're trying to come down with it...YAY!

Made my pumpkin pies yesterday. Stayed up late last night to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast today...yummy.

Cam made up his Indian Pudding and that's in the oven now. I've got the stuffing in the crock pot. The turkey is dressed and ready to pop in the oven as soon as the pudding comes out.

Once again we have a HUGE turkey. I plan to make up a bunch of individual pot pies tomorrow that we can stick in the freezer...of course I'll leave a fair amount for leftovers LOL.

I'm hoping we'll sit down to eat around 3 so about 2 I'll get the potatoes ready to cook and do the prep work for Emeril's Brussels Sprouts.

Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We love and miss you!

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Lynn Boyle said...

Hey, Did pretty much the exact thing. made the pies yesterday, made carmel rolls for this morning and we just got done eating which is 4pm but we started at 3pm LOL. watching football, we did our traditional track running, i did a smaller turkey this year 12 pounds it turned out good, i figure the year i have guests other than us id the year i finally make a dry turkey LOL!! we miss you all too...happy thanksgiving