Monday, June 18, 2007

Father’s Day

Reason 1…my husbandThe four boys Sunday at my parents’ house for the big Father’s Day celebration that included Mark’s side of the family as well…

Goin’ to miss that!

Mark has missed all manor of holidays, birthdays, and other assorted celebrations traveling for business but this was the first Father’s Day he’s missed. Just goes to show that the “Powers that Be” are men LOL

Mark is a die hard sports fan. He lives and breathes ESPN, Fox Sports and any other sport related channel he can find on cable…LORD help me if we ever get a dish! He is currently working on “deBearing” his new office…who knew there were so many displaced Bear fans in Las Vegas. He’s happily decorating his cubical with RAMS memorabilia. Besides the Rams, Mark has faithfully followed the Angels, Lakers and Ducks for more years than I can guess at. Mark has a collection of memorabilia to rival a sports bar and has every intention in the world to find us a house with a room for just such a display.

I grew up with a father who actively watched sports every Sunday…child’s play compared to my husband! I guess it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we had four boys…all the major sports are covered, after all we’d loved to be taken care of (in our old age) in the manor to which we’d like to become accustom!

Most of all we miss having Mark around…it was a very surreal experience packing him up for the drive to Las Vegas while the rest of us stayed put to finish out the school year, baseball tournaments, and training a replacement at work.

WE LOVE YOU HONEY! It’s not the same without you.

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