Saturday, May 24, 2008

Children's Museum

My Moms Group went to the Children's Museum today. We'll be going back for sure. It's a two-story building with the under five activities on the ground floor and the older kids upstairs.

Even though Ian is under five he had more fun upstairs...must come from having older brothers. This was an apparatus that you had to sit in a seat then use a knotted rope to pull yourself (your own weight) up. Cam really struggled to do it. Alex did it without batting an eye!

"Gerbil Boy" There was this large mound with holes to crawl into the structure by ~ reminded me of the thing I bought yesterday for the gerbils LOL.

This is Cam peeking out of one of the holes in the "gerbil" structure.

Robbie was as happy as could be downstairs, playing at the water tables and in the small gym.

Next time we go we'll make a day of it and take a sack lunch. Hopefully, next time Mark will be able to come with us so we can divide and conquer with our diverse age range!

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