Sunday, January 29, 2023

Weekly Progress

 As discovered last week, Sunday makes more sense so on we go.

Moulin Rouge was everything it was billed to be. We had a fantastic time.

The Main Habits I'm Tracking:

    1) Morning Affirmations -- 7 of 7 days.

    2) 20 Minutes Walking -- I actually got this in once this week. It wasn't all at once but I got outside for about 20 minutes yesterday. I also pulled out my pedometer and got that set up again yesterday. I managed to hit about 63% of my step goal.  

    3) 20 Minutes Reading -- 7 of 7 days, including 3 more chapters on my non-fiction book for this month. I have three chapters left which is about two hours of listening. 

    4) Work Writing -- 2 of 7 days. I missed Wednesday due to the show and Thursday was spent catching up on side gig work because of the show.

    5) Name 3 Gratitudes -- 7of 7 days -- The biggest thing that came through in my review is that I created cleaning focuses for each weekend day and have been feeling productive in that area this week.

    6) Drink 4 "bottles" of water -- 4 of 7 -- The calendar reminder is definitely helping. I'm also tracking this on my pedometer. 

I broke my no book buying. Sigh. There was a flash sale. It was only 99 cents but my streak is broken. I will likely attempt this again for February. I have a bunch of books on Audible just waiting for me to find the time to listen plus a number of Kindle books I can read.

The other reason is I'm planning a trip. I won't commit until I know what's happening with the next season at the Smith Center (preview coming February 6th) but I'm getting my ducks in a row. On one hand, I really shouldn't do the trip because that won't help me get debt free in 18 months. On the other hand, it ticks off the box of taking a vacation somewhere I've never been before. I need to live. I can't keep putting things off without feeling like I'm drowning. The trip will also give me the opportunity to connect with someone I haven't seen since I lived in Florida along with some people I met during a business trip a few years ago in South Carolina. Like I said, just getting my ducks in a row right now.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Oops - A Day Late - Weekly Progress

Well I have egg on my face...if I ate eggs anyway. I was in bed, doing my gratitude journaling when I realized I'd forgotten to do this little task. But, all things considered, Sunday is probably a better day for it anyway. 

I spent a bit of time yesterday getting my budget/cash flow worksheet set up for the year. I really like this system and you use it in Google Docs so you have it anywhere:  True Money Saver. I highly recommend it. Just my own laziness that I didn't do this on the 1st of the year like usual. But hey, I was de-Christmas-ing the house on the 1st.

I also spent a bit of time yesterday finetuning the habits etc. I'm tracking in the spreadsheet I downloaded from Emily Excels previously mentioned. I've broken the list into Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night groups along with a Review group. 

The Main Habits I'm Tracking:

    1) Morning Affirmations -- 7 of 7 days.

    2) 20 Minutes Walking -- HA HA HA, that'd be a big ol' no this week (I'm keeping it on here because I REALLY, REALLY need to get back into this habit).

    3) 20 Minutes Reading -- 7 of 7 days, including 2 more chapters on my non-fiction book for this month. I need to get on the ball with this though because the next two chapters are LONG.

    4) Work Writing -- 7 of 7 days.

    5) Name 3 Gratitudes -- 7of 7 days -- I didn't really do a review last night but it was a pretty basic week with no surprises.

    6) Drink 4 "bottles" of water -- 4 of 7 -- I did quite a bit better this week. I made a calendar reminder for myself to drink 24 ozs four times a day which really helped keep me on track.

I've held to my no book buying though I was really tempted to break it yesterday when I learned of a flash sale by one of my go-to authors. I haven't got around to the other books in that series yet and in the end, that is what stayed my hand.

I'm looking forward to the Moulin Rouge Musical this Wednesday. Even though it is sometimes challenging to find someone to go to the Smith Center with me, I love having season tickets to the Broadway series. We get a preview for the 23-24 season on February 6th. 

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Weekly Progress

Week Two is almost a wrap.

Fun event this last week was seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the Smith Center with Ian. Normally, I'll read the program before the show starts but Ian and I were talking/catching up. I spent the entire first act recognizing the voice of the actor portraying Atticus Finch but not placing it. (My seats are good but without binoculars, you'd be hard pressed to see individual faces. Since focusing on faces via binoculars means missing other aspects of what's happening on stage, I no longer even take them to shows.) Of course the minute the lights went up for intermission I was looking up was none other than Richard Thomas! Another I recognized was Jeff Still! Yeah, a bit of a fan girl moment.

Habits I'm tracking:

1) Morning Affirmations -- 6 of 7 days 

2) 20 Minutes Walking -- HA HA HA, that'd be a big ol' no this week

3) 20 Minutes Reading -- 3 of 7 days

I created a quick and dirty Google Docs sheet to track my reading. Nothing fancy, just title, series/book number, author, month completed, and format (ie: paper, ebook, audio book, etc.). I used to keep a much more detailed list back when I barrowed from the library more and paper was my default format. With Kindle, I can just drop completed books into a collection and call it good. As of today, I've read nine books this year and did a beta read for Joely

4) Work Writing -- 4 of 7 days, I completed my read through of my current WIP and added 1k new words...Yay!

5) Name 3 Gratitudes -- 6 of 7 days (haven't done tonight's yet) - I'll do my weekly review of the journal I'm keeping for this tonight

6) Drink 4 "bottles" of water -- 1 of 7, which isn't to say I don't drink water daily I just didn't meet my daily goal of 4

I had two items I wanted to complete this week 1) scan and shred papers on desk - done, and 2) schedule doctor's appointment with primary care doctor - done.

I've been successful in not buying any books this month. Though I admit to adding some to my wish list.

Today has been insanely productive on the cleaning front and I was able to tick off a lot of items from my to-do list. I'm pleasantly tired.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Weekly Progress

 Well, that's one week almost wrapped.

I'll start by saying I downloaded a spreadsheet from to help track my progress. It's a pretty simple spreadsheet I have in Google Docs and I probably could have recreated it but why. 

Habits I'm tracking:

1) Morning Affirmations -- 7 of 7 days

2) 20 Minutes Walking -- HA HA HA, that'd be a big ol' no this week

3) 20 Minutes Reading -- 7 of 7 days, including 2 chapters on my non-fiction book for this month

4) Work Writing -- 3 of 7 days

5) Name 3 Gratitudes -- 6 of 7 days (haven't done tonight's yet) - I'll do my weekly review of the journal I'm keeping for this tonight

6) Drink 4 "bottles" of water -- 1 of 7, which isn't to say I don't drink water daily I just didn't meet my daily goal of 4

I have what I need to schedule my primary care doctor appointment - step one of my mole removal goal.

I successfully did not buy any new books this week as part of my January no spend month.

For a short work week, it was a crazy one. I'm feeling pretty positive about my progress so far.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Hello 2023

I'm going to dust this ol' blog off so I can have some accountability, even if no one reads it, I'm at least putting it out in the world.

Here we are at the end of another year. Resolutions. Goals. Intentions. However you want to label it, we all seem to attempt it. I'm no different. I've been in a kind of limbo since 2020 and COVID and I really need to get back on the horse so to speak.

There are a number of areas I want to focus on this year. So, in no particular order:

1) I intend to read/listen to12 non-fiction books this year. I already have the first one queued up on Audible. I figure one book a month is very doable

2) I intend to be more active. Pre-COVID I was walking 2 miles a day. With my kid taxi schedule I won't be able to attempt that for a bit. To start, I am committing to walking outside for 20 minutes a day as soon as I get home from work. 

3) I want to have a more positive attitude. I'm committing to 5 minutes of affirmations each morning as soon as I wake up (instead of scrolling through emails or social media) and naming 3 things I'm grateful for each night before bed. I plan to keep a notebook to track my feelings and progress.

4) I've been putting off getting a mole removed. I will schedule an appointment with my primary care doctor so I can get that referral. Hopefully, I can have this resolved by summer. (I would also like to get in to the dentist -- funds permitting -- for a full cleaning/filling type appointment by the end of the year.)

5) I will finish my photo organization and back-up project by summer. It's one of those things that is easily derailed by other things.

6) I intend to reduce my debt by at least half (excluding my car loan that I'm starting over with but that's a story for another day, or not) by the end of the year. I will schedule no spend months like no buying books in January. Using the snowball method, I should be able to be debt free in 18 months (excluding my car loan). 

7) I want to take a real vacation. Not that visiting family isn't great or a priority, but I want to go somewhere I've never been before. If I can't make this work for 2023 due to funds (see that whole debt thing above) I want to at least have something planned for 2024 and saving toward it.

8) I want to work on my writing more. As Joely Sue Burkhart said, it could be a good side income. That means working my craft and actually completing something! I have a project I've been working on and my goal is to have it drafted, and hopefully edited, by July. (Dare I link this to Joely?!)

9) I will finish my scan and shred project by the end of the year. No. More. Paper. Like the photo project above, this is easily derailed by other things.

10) I always seem to lose some of my PTO at work. I will schedule mental health days and take at least one day off every other month for no reason other than me time.

Well, look at that...I ended up with a Top 10 List.

Okay, for the accountability aspect of this whole thing, I will post my results weekly. Since this is publishing on a Saturday, I'll stick with that. 

On the off chance someone reads this, what are your intentions for 2023? 

Happy New Year! I hope 2023 is an amazing year for all of us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whirling Wednesday

Sorry for the blog silence.

Soon after returning from our vacation I found out I'd run out of image space here on the ol' blog. I did a quick sweep and deleted duplicates, old headers, etc. but am still dangerously close to the free storage max. I'm left with a challenge.
  • Do I delete the images from the older posts, say from 2007 through 2009?
  • Do I pull the images, re-size them smaller, and re-post?
  • Do I bite the bullet and PAY for extra storage?
  • Do I call it a good run and wrap the blog up?
I suspect, whichever way I go, things will be very quiet around here until after school starts again when I'll actually have time to tweak things.

Speaking of school...

The school supplies have been bought with the exception of new backpacks. Hair cuts are on tap for this weekend. I need to do a final inventory to make sure everyone has appropriate clothing (3 of the 4 have to wear 'standard attire') and fill any gaps.

Then we have Back to School Day for Cam at middle school so he can get his locker assignment and class schedule. Seventh's hard to believe.

The following day is a parent only Kinder orientation for Robbie. My baby :whine: Can I just say this is completely bittersweet? I'm excited for him and this next stage but he's the last one to head off to school. A part of me is looking forward to the 3 hours of quiet I'll have each afternoon yet I think that's going to wear off sooner than I expect, LOL

Finally, we'll have the general orientation at the elementary school for all 3 boys to meet their teachers, drop off supplies, and all that fun stuff.

And Monday, August 29th, school is back in session :throws confetti:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Road Home

The road home from our annual vacation to see family in Oregon was paved in hell, LOL

We were cruising along, making decent time, when Mark noticed a noise. He didn't even have time to identify it before this...

He was able to get us safely to the side of the road. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no accidents occurred.

Loaded for the trip home, getting to our jack was not easy, LOL. Because we have just the standard factory jack we figured we'd have to unload the majority of the van to use it safely thus elected to call on AAA. The rain helped decide it :)

Waiting for AAA to show up...

Then the decision: continue on to the next city and hope we can find a tire store open or turn around and hope to find a tire store open at the previous city.

Did I forget to mention it was Sunday afternoon when this happened? Sorry.

We continued on figuring worst case scenario we'd have better luck finding a hotel for the night. We squeaked in by the skin of our emergency spare tire -- why don't they put full-sized spares on vehicles anymore? -- into the Eugene Sears service bay 15 minutes to closing. (Huge shout out of thanks guys in Sears Automotive! You saved our bacon.)

Trying not to completely waste the stop we went to dinner. All this put us 3 hours behind schedule and we ended up driving through Death Valley in the heat of the day.

Did I mention we were loaded down? We had to turn off the A/C a couple times while driving through Death Valley to make sure the poor van didn't over heat. (Yeah, that would have been the icing on the cake of the trip.)

After four years of making this trip I guess we were due but boy was this the neverending trip.

We had a challenge on the way up too, you can read about that here, but that one ended up being kinda cool :)

What trip from hell have you experienced?