Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tag, You're It

I've been tagged by the lovely Liz Fichera.

1) Do you think you're hot?
I live in the desert. Of course I'm hot!! It's perpetually 100 degrees where I live. Oh. Wait. You mean, that kind of hot?! Um, no! But feel free to ask hubby :)

(Told you I was going to steal it, Liz!)

2) Upload a picture or wall paper you are using at the moment.

One of Pickyme Digital Artist's freebies. Psst, authors, she does covers too.

3) When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Last week. We had Asian Slaw with Teriyaki Chicken. Yum.

4) The Song(s) you listened to recently?
Well, right now Higher Window from Josh Groban's Illuminations is playing.

5) What were you thinking as you were doing this?
Who am I going to tag? And I really need to get stuff done and not be playing online, LOL

6) Do you have a nickname?
Not really. Beloved sis got all the good ones. I sometimes get called Sher but it's not a favorite as I was tormented with Sonny and Cher jokes in elementary school. There's not much you can do with a name that translates into a winy cascade!

And this is where Liz cued the *creepy zombie music*

I'm tagging in no particular order:
George Allwynn
Krista D. Ball
Lindsay Buroker
Reena Jacobs
Ciara Knight
Tia Nevitt
Orlando Ramos
Jordan Summers

(I was wrong, the tags are in alphabetical order, and I didn't even plan that :shudder: Is that OCD?)

Rules: Answer a bunch of semi-embarrassing questions and then randomly tag eight more people who can then answer the same questions and tag eight more people and so on.  Go forth and have fun!


Maria Zannini said...

Those of us in the south may be doomed to the 'hot' question.

Of course, we're hot. That's why we have air conditioners.

Sherri said...

LOL, yeah, just switched ours on. I try to leave it off as long as possible to save $$ but ick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Sherri! Fun answers and no prob at all about #1. But it's a dry heat, right??!

Lindsay Buroker said...

Hehe, not sure how I'd work this into my Professional E-publishing Blog (haha,, sure :P), but thanks for the honor! I like the tidbits you shared. And especially the picture. ;)

Sherri said...

@ Liz...sure, dry heat ;)

@ could be fun trying :)

Ciara said...

You are so sweet! I'll post mine tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks so much, Sherri! I'm honored.

Sherri said...

I'm looking forward to it Ciara :)