Monday, July 11, 2011


Did that title grab your attention?

Caveat: This post isn't about whether you think prostitution should be legal or not, is morally right or wrong, or even degrading and exploitative. Personally, I think legal prostitution such as we have in parts of Nevada is okay. Where thorough and frequent medical checks are required, a work schedule that rotates so many hours/days off (something like 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off), and it is a choice (not a necessity to support a drug habit or some other dark reason). It's not a career choice I'd make but I wouldn't want to defuse bombs for a living either.

On our annual road trip we drove through a stretch of road we lovingly call Brothel Row, a length of rural interstate peppered with legal brothels. On this trip we noticed a brothel we hadn't before, one sporting more clients than previous trips, and one that closed. Apparently, even the oldest profession isn't immune to this shitty economy.

Here's what has me scratching my head...location.

Granted, these 'houses of ill repute' are on a stretch of interstate so I assume a fair amount of business is generated by people who travel it (truck drivers, etc.). I doubt those clients are the brothels' bread and butter. That would come from locals. Again an assumption.

Here's the thing. These houses are inevitably a 30 minute drive (or more) from the nearest town/city. And I'm talking rural town/city certainly not what anyone would call a big convention center (like Las Vegas or Reno) so Mark's argument that business travelers are bused (or limoed) in doesn't apply in my mind.

Now, back when Nevada gained its first male prostitute -- yes, ladies, Nevada has you covered -- Mark and I checked the rates for that particular brothel. Morbid curiosity :shrug: The cheapest rate on the "menu" was $150 per hour. Yep, you read that right. I've not checked it recently nor do I remember what that covered.

Someone please explain to me why a person would drive for 30 plus minutes to spend $150 for an hour's worth of relief -- fantastic though it may be -- just to drive another 30 minutes home?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Maria Zannini said...

Wow. What a title. Although I knew there were brothels in Nevada, it just seems so bizarre to have them exist when the rest of the country doesn't allow it.

As for your question, I have no idea. Desperation, I suppose. Or a chance to tap the forbidden (at least as it applies to marriage).

I don't want to drive 30 miles when I forget to pick up lettuce. I sure can't fathom why someone would travel that distance for sex.

Sherri said...

Clark County, which for all intents and purposes is Las Vegas, is the only county in Nevada that does not allow it. Yet as I type that there is legislation underway to legalize it in Clark County, however, that has failed in the past so we will see.

I hadn't thought of the forbidden though that does make sense. The desperation I had thought of but still it seems like a long way to go and a lot of dollars.

LOL, I can't wait to see what searches come into the blog now.

Lynn said...

Very interesting Sherri! I am impressed with all the research you and Mark did into the subject. lol. It does make you think however, who really goes there to spend their "hard earned money" for sex.
My husband said the people that go are going because of the sexual fantasy of having sex with someone you don't know. ewwww... is what I think. Then again... probably better (safer) than picking up a one night stand in the bar, lol

Nicole said...

The only reason I, personally, would drive 30 minutes out of my way to visits brothel would be curiosity, plain and simple. If it was on the route, I might stop by to have a look, though I can't imagine ever patronizing the place.

Ironically, that could be why they're so far from anywhere - to put an end to the lookie-loos and keep the lobby, parking lot, etc for paying clients.

Sherri said...

Someone has to do it right Lynn? :)

The fantasy factor has to play into it somehow or the forbidden like Maria mentioned. I don't know but you can tell Mark and I had a lot of time to kill while driving, LOL

Sherri said...

Ironically, that could be why they're so far from anywhere - to put an end to the lookie-loos and keep the lobby, parking lot, etc for paying clients.

That actually makes a lot of sense Nicole! And a factor I hadn't taken into account.

I still wouldn't drive that far just to pay that much, LOL