Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Season Thursday

With NaNo last month I didn't get around to planning any posts for December so I'll share a bit of my holiday decorating.

Our Christmas train -- I mean, really! With my house of boys, how could we not have one? -- it used to hold all our Christmas cards but most of those come via email now, I've tucked an old candle wreath in their place. Currently, this is sitting in our living room but once the tree arrives (this weekend per tradition) it may get moved to a safer spot.
This is the window above the train. A cranberry wreath, the Wallace Sleigh Bells -- Mark and I have been collecting these since 1996, the first and only Christmas we've been apart. We're missing 2007, oh eBay here I come, and haven't picked up 2010 yet. -- a couple of my Santa heads, and an apple swag.
Santa is a huge theme in my Christmas decorating. This vanilla stick candle, apple wreath (matches the swag in previous photo), and gold charger usually sit on our dining table but I had this mini-fridge crying for something. Behind them are a Santa box, Santa candle on the red holder, and a Santa figure.
The window on our stairway landing. See, more Santa heads. Yep, I take my decorating all the way, every room will have something. The railing in this house isn't conducive for garland and my stairs feel positively naked, LOL. I'll be working on something to dress 'em up.


Nicole said...

Oh, I love your train! We have one that circles the tree (and have had since my sis and I were little) but it's not as pretty as yours.

Sherri said...

We leave the trains around the tree to the Grandpas LOL Both sets of grandparents have trains (my dad's being year round!) going around their trees.

This house just isn't laid out in a way for us to do it easily.

Maria Zannini said...

That is the cutest little train. Will the boys leave it alone or do you have to threaten them with death and dismemberment?

Sherri said...

Actually, Maria, they're pretty good about leaving it alone. I'm sure the fact it doesn't have moving parts helps, I mean it's not like it goes around the tree or anything fancy, LOL.

We have to treat it with kid gloves since the smoke stack broke off in our move and none of our attempts to reattach it have lasted more than a season, hence the comment about maybe moving it when we get the tree.