Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jeff Dunham

So, Mark and I had the opportunity to see Jeff Dunham last night.

Mark's fabulous brother, Brian, drove up from Southern California to watch the boys for us. HUGE, huge thank you left before we could thank you properly (hope the house hunting goes well).

The show was amazing!

If you've ever seen his show on TV or live, you are probably familiar with "Guitar Guy." This man is extremely talented and opened the show. Jeff then came out and did a short stand up that included some Medford/Klamath Falls, Oregon bashing, which for me was especially funny for me having JUST drove through said areas.

We saw Walter, Achmed, Peanut, Jose, and Bubba J (though Bubba J was an unplanned part of the show). With the exception of Bubba J, most of the material seemed to be new. During Achmed's segment there was a lot of improv...LOVE THAT! the point the show ran over (one and a half hours became a full 2 hours...YAY).

Learned that Jeff often gets the punch line a mere 5 seconds before we, the audience, do.

Downside: the worst drink in history at the bar before the show.

Best part: a date! (without worries about what the boys might be doing)


Maria Zannini said...

I've only seen Dunham on YouTube. One of these days I'll catch his act live.

Sherri said...

He's completely worth the price of admission! If you've got the Comedy Channel he has regular shows there which give you a fuller picture of his talent than on YouTube.

It's funny because I'd seen him live eons ago (still living with the parental units ago, LOL) but didn't remember his name. I remembered Jose while my sister's memory was of Peanut. It was only within the last maybe 5 years that I put a name to the talent!