Friday, February 26, 2010

So far this trip...

we've been really laid back. Tuesday was just a quiet -- well, maybe not so quiet with 4 stir crazy boys -- day at my parents. I should have taken the boys to Safari Sam's but the idea of sitting on those uncomfortable seats was too much of a negative for my poor tailbone.

So Wednesday, Safari Sam's was a must. I didn't take my camera because it was ALL about wearing the boys out until their knuckles dragged the ground. Uncle Don, Aunt Emily, Maicie, and new baby Parker met us there. Robbie was in complete heaven having Maicie, his 'girlfriend' there, LOL. Nana and Papa surprised us by also stopping by. So the kids played and I got to visit. Being the middle of the week it was quiet for Safari Sam's, so even after the other Meyers left, I was able to read. A very good day.

Yesterday, we picked up some movies and invited Daniel over for a movie.

And we had some critter loving time.

And last night I went to Harvey's Comedy Club with my sister and BIL, and some of their friends. The MC sucked, the opening act was okay, and the headliner ROCKED. He was awesome. If you remember the old Police Academy movies and an actor named Michael Winslow who has the amazing talent of making extremely realistic sound effects, you'll have an idea of the talent that is Chas Elstner. The man even did a drum solo!!

I guess while I was out last night, Ian taught Robbie how to put these little puzzles together. Robbie gained such a sense of self-confidence over night! This morning the two of them worked together building, taking apart, and rebuilding the puzzles.

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