Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A much better bus day today! All three boys on the SAME bus.

I failed to note (in the earlier post) that despite the bus disaster of yesterday, all three boys had a great first day of school. They all like their teachers. Cam's homeroom teacher is Mr. D (math). Cam will also be in Ms. D's for science, social studies, and computer science; Mr. Y for creative writing and spelling; and Ms. H for reading. Alex's teacher is Ms. H. Ian's teacher is Ms. B (the same wonderful lady Alex had for K). Cam and Alex each have a few friends from last year in class this year. Ian is fast on his way to making friends -- already wants to schedule a sleepover with the friend from the bus yesterday.

***I had a chance to talk to the principal today when I dropped Ian off for school and I've got to say, he was a calm voice of reason yesterday. Mr. W and the rest of the office staff went above and beyond yesterday afternoon. Ian's teacher stayed until Ian was safely home and gave him a huge hug today when she saw him in line. Huge THANK YOU's to you all.

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