Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Paver Patio

The boring BEFORE picture.

Robbie and Ian were all excited about the dump truck coming after we ordered the gravel and sand for the paver base. The truck showed up super early but the boys got to see it anyway.

The MID-WAY picture. The gravel laid out. Mark end up leveling about a quarter of the sand then placing the pavers before moving on to the next section which is why I don't have a picture of the sand stage. I also don't have a picture of ME carrying 147 pavers from the pallets on the driveway to the back, LOL, still wondering how many calories I burned up that morning!

Here's Robbie helping Mark load the wheelbarrow with sand.

The FINISHED picture. It's like we've added a new room to the house! Mark is calling this one of his Bucket List things -- he's done it and will never do it again. He had some frustrations with it, mostly pavers breaking, but I think he did a fabulous job with it.

Currently, Mark is working on the play area for the boys. We'll load it up with sand and have the trampoline up during the "winter" and the pool during the "summer" and anytime we don't have one of those up, it'll be the world's largest sand box, LOL.

Next weekend we'll work on some of the plants we're planting and hopefully, I'll soon have raised garden boxes so I can plant some veggies!


Aromas of Eden said...

Congrats on the new patio :) I'll bet it was a job. I don't blame Mark one bit for not wanting to do that again lol.

Maria Zannini said...

It looks terrific! When's the BBQ scheduled? :o)

Congrats to Mark on a fine job!

Sherri said...

Yeah, Virginia it was a bear especially as he was doing it in the 110 plus heat.

BBQ...well, Maria we have to buy one, LOL, I'll keep you posted though!

Papa Meyer said...

Mark, Great job especially doing this in the dead of summer and especially at night, in the dark.
You should be please and also the help the family did in hauling the materials.

Doug said...

Wow! That is a super job and a huge improvement in liveability. I am concerned that you have greatly reduced the space for your train layout, but other than that you deserve the highest kudos!

That does seem to be a challenging way to lose weight, but I suppose whatever works has merit! Our best to all the little helpers.

Love, Dad