Monday, July 20, 2009

LB & LI Day 8

Bummed to learn that this year will be the last year Lynn Viehl will be hosting, co-ordinating the LB & LI workshops. Hopefully, someone else will take up the helm for next year. I think I'll be spending a few days checking out all the previous years (and whatever links are still working) and adding all that info to my writing folder.

I've been introduced to a number of new authors through these workshops and have added even MORE books to my ever growing list of books to find and read. I expect more than a few will be destined for my keeper shelf.

Ask PBW Anything

When (This is listed as next in the series but hasn't been posted yet.)

Writer's Block Part 5

Getting Back Into Good Habits and a Last Thought On Plotting (Doesn't really have a lot to do with the workshops.)

GenReality Six authors sharing what it is to be an author. Alison Kent has indicated that the workshops she'd planned for LB & LI will be posted here each Monday. (Not up yet this morning.)

I've also started reading:

On Writing by Stephen King

I think this book has been listed by just about every author out there who has taken the time to note which books are helpful to new writers. Plus I have about ten others on my to buy list.

(There are also some awesome workshops at Romance Divas. They're free but you have to register to get to them.)

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