Friday, July 17, 2009

LB & LI Day 4 & 5

NEVER miss a day of workshops, even if they are only virtual! Wow, did I have a lot to catch up on today. Loving the workshops Marjorie Liu and Kait Nolan have been doing and now there are even ones on how to write good sex scenes. I know this is a family blog but...

Anyway, Julie you better take advantage of all these links, LOL. And yes, there will be a test later!

Day 4:

E-future Part 2

E-publishing: Email Correspondence with Your Publisher

Writing Transformative Sex Part 1

Birds and Language

Why You're Not Writing

Break through your fears and WRITE workshop - Part 2: come out and play

Searching for Heart Part 2

From Pantser to Plotter: My Conversion Part 2

Writing Sex Scenes That Matter

What eBook Publishers Look For part 2

Left Behind and Managing Crazy

Killer Campaign: Podcast Interviews

Day 5:

Art vs. Life

E-publishing: Promo on the Web

Writing Transformative Sex Part 2

From Pantser to Plotter: Why Plot?

What eBook Publishers Look For part 3

Left Behind in Interesting Times

Killer Campaign: Volunteerism

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