Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mark's Father's Day

A quiet morning at home with breakfast, cards, and presents. Then a couple hours of golf on TV followed by a couple of hours at the park.

Had to stop for "wurpees" (slurpees) on the way to the park.

These two were more interested in the slurpees than the splash pads at first. The party poopers, LOL.

These two were all about getting wet!

Then Dad got into the mix with "Who will fight me?" and Ian joined the game.

Still being a party pooper.

Then I dared the oldest to run through the splash pads without getting wet. He waited until they shut down to recycle the water -- the stinker.

No visit to the park is complete without some swing time.

Now we're back at the house, Mark is watching one sport or other on TV and the kids are getting ready for some quiet time (naps for those I can convince because I want one, LOL). Later we'll be BBQing up some ribs.

Hope all you dads out there have a good one today!

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