Friday, June 19, 2009


Mark did his civil duty this week...served on a jury. Thursday night when he got home we bundled up the kids and headed over to South Point. We love the buffet over there and not having to cook is always a nice treat for me.

Afterwards we went up to the arcade so the kids could play a few games. There are enough games that Robbie usually can win a fair number of tickets to exchange for cool (read cheap, LOL) goodies. So here he is showing off the vampire teeth he picked.

I have no idea what these teeth are but Alex and Cam each got a set. Love the remnants of dinner on his face, LOL.

Cam doing his impression of Austin Powers...he's so sexy, LOL.

And the really, truly cheap thrill of the evening...driving down the parking garage ramp (twice) just so the kids could pretend they were on a roller coaster!

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