Friday, April 17, 2009

Da Books

Buying books was on my vacation things to do list. I had a list of books I wanted to look for (double sided list LOL).

My first stop was an old favorite of mine called the BOOK BOX located in the Tigard Plaza on the corner of Hall & Pacific (99W) Hwy. {11945 SW Pacific Hwy. #238, Portland, OR 97223 (503) 624-9472}.‎ If you're looking for used books or have books to trade in (for in store credit)...this is the place! I wish I had something like this down here. Because I was on my way to meet Julie for dinner I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked to search her shelves but I did find these:

Part of my girl time with Julie involved a trip to POWELL'S BOOKS -- another store I wish like crazy I had down here. I love this store because they stock the new and used books on the shelves together so you have a choice of which to purchase. You can also trade books in here as well tho' they are usually really picky about the fiction they take in and they give you a gift card for your earned credit. I had so many books in my basket that I had to sit down and choose which I was sad I didn't have the money to buy everything in my basket. So these are what I came home with:

(That one kinda angled at the top is actually one I bought for Cam...spending some of my limited book funds on him. He better not say I never do anything for him! LOL)

Then, when I got home, these were sitting in my mailbox from this post:

Of these beauties, I'd read one (which I own) and bought one (see the Powell's picture).

You'd think I'd be in books for months but I've already polished off 6 from the above pictures and I'm sure I'll finish a 7th (maybe even an 8th) before the weekend is done.

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